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The Golden Rules of Selling A Home.


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12454836-key-with-tag-saying-sold-on-small-family-houseWith society being so litigious, it’s no wonder the most expensive commodity anyone will buy or sell might create anxiety on the part of most consumers. When it comes to selling a home, there are numerous rules a seller should adhere to. Most of the principles start well before the sell actually happens. There are also circumstances that determine the sequence a seller should take.

Upfront Inspections: Rather you occupy your home or own it as an investment getting inspections prior to listing can save both money and suspense. A pest inspection will confirm any concerns with termites and dry rot. The cost for this inspection can run any where from $100 to $200. Using a local reputable pest inspector that doesn’t bid on the work they find is important instead of the $50 fly by night companies that give you a cheap inspection but does bid on their findings. can any one say conflict of interest.

Most owners that have been in their home for many years probably know the ins and outs of their home quiet well and find my next suggestion unreasonable. Get a full-scale whole house inspection. This inspection runs from $400 to $600 and they inspect every inch on the property with a fine tooth comb. This inspection should always be done prior to listing on investment properties, especially if the owner lives out-of-town and maybe sees the home sporadically. Whole house inspectors are jack of all trades but masters of none, meaning if they find a problem they can’t diagnose the issue. A further inspection by a competent expert to identify the problem would be recommended. Knowing the issues with your home before you get an offer can assist in negotiations and make life easier during this stressful process.

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose: The quickest road to litigation is through non disclosure. In today’s real estate there are numerous disclosures that sellers have to answer honestly. Any current or prior issues with your home should be disclosed to the buyer. If it’s broke fix it, is the best policy when it comes to defects.

Additional Incentives: When you get an offer on your home, negotiate fairly. I’m not suggesting giving your home away, but scrabbling over the most minuet aspect is pointless. Offering a buyer a one year home warranty is inexpensive ( less than $400) and gives the buyer the added security in case anything happens in that first year, but it also gives the seller the peace of mind of knowing the buyer is protected and less likely to demand those defects be paid by the seller six months after closing. Please visit my website http://www.JohnnyBrooksHomes.com for helpful tips on buying or selling a home or to view local area homes for sale in Davis, California and the surrounding communities.

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